The Peninsula Vision Statement

Our Vision

The Peninsula is a high-end, private community and club with extensive amenities, ranging from an award-winning Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course to a private beach with wave pool, that strives to be second to none in terms of quality, appearance and overall homeowner/ member lifestyle and experience. Our objective is to have each and every member and their family feel warmly welcomed by our club and community and experience a sense of acceptance, happiness and excitement every time they come through our gates.

Our Commitment

The Peninsula ownership and staff will continuously seek opportunities for improvement in our facilities, amenities, social activities programming and other components of our club lifestyle. We are dedicated to every aspect of our members’ experience at the club and community and will always be searching for ways to improve upon that experience.

At the Peninsula, we foster a culture of respect and friendliness between our members and staff and encourage all to treat their neighbors, co-members, club staff , and any others that have achieved access through our gates as a part of their Peninsula family. We understand that warm, friendly behavior is infectious and our members’ happiness is largely a factor of the quality of their personal interactions. Club management will seek out staff that represent a good fit for our culture of happiness in which treating our members and their co-workers in a friendly, respectful and warm fashion comes naturally to them.

Giving Back

We recognize that those of us fortunate enough to have achieved a level of success capable of allowing access to the Peninsula lifestyle have an opportunity to give back to the people and communities that are important to us. There is no greater source of sustained happiness than that which comes from helping others and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. The Peninsula ownership, management and members commit to supporting a multitude of opportunities for our members to get involved with charitable endeavors in our greater community.